Meet BirdWatch - MacRuby Twitter Search

01 January 2010
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[UPDATE] If you don’t have the latest MacRuby nightly installed you can download with a version with MacRuby embedded in the app from here:

I’ve been following MacRuby with interest for a while and after watching the Meet MacRuby screencast from PeepCode I decided a twitter search client would be a good learning project.

To keep everything as simple as possible I decided to use the Twitter Search API in conjunction with the Publication Subscription Framework. Every search query made from the app becomes an atom feed, which is parsed, stored and updated by the PubSub framework.

You can get the source here and download the app here. I had a few issues embedding MacRuby into the application so you currently need MacRuby installed to run the app, if this is an issue for anyone let me know and I’ll sort it out.

Future plans include a style unread count for each search, a transition from Interface Builder to hotcocoa for the UI and possibly integrating web views somehow to remove the complexity of building up attributed strings for each status message.

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